Multiple 3D Printing Technologies!

Our Partner Stratasys Direct Manufacturing states flawless Multiple 3D Printing Technologies in this case study:

The runner can attest, staying hydrated is a crucial part of maintaining your endurance. However, when running long distances outdoors, holding a water bottle or trying to find a drinking fountain can be a challenge.

No one knows this better than Jim deBeers. A long-time runner both in competitive and non-competitive settings, deBeers wanted to come up with a better way to stay hydrated without derailing his workouts. With a background in project engineering, Jim began to tinker with the idea of a bottle runners could attach to their bodies and be able to work out hands-free. With that in mind, the HydraKlick® Solo 8TM was born.

The Solo 8 TM consists of an 8-oz. water bottle that is secured in a cage, which is mounted to a belt-free sport clamp on the runner’s waistband. This allows the runner the best of both worlds: Easy access to H2O and the ability to keep both hands free during workouts.

Taking a Test Run….

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