The Big Red Tomato

3D Printing has been trending a lot in Dubai, UAE for various reasons. Dubai Health Authority(DHA) plans to introduce 3D printing at its facilities by the end 2017, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is coming up with a 3D printing laboratory and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) intends to 3D print spare parts of the ticket vending machines. The list doesn’t end there. Dubai already boasts of a 3D printed office in the vicinity of DIFC.

Also, there have been various applications world-wide for 3D printing – from jigs & fixtures to tooling and medical models and some other innovative, exciting and interesting applications like the cocktail trays for NZ airlines, Katy Perry’s fancy 3D printed Mohawk, the astonishing UAV at the Dubai Airshow last year – to name a few.

Recently, Paradigm 3D was contacted for a rather unusual and interesting application of 3D printing which is super cute and we thought it was worth sharing. The big red tomato at the Mall of the Emirates was 3D printed at our facility.

Download the complete case study of the process of printing the big red tomato in 3D here

We asked our client, OneRX why they wanted a 3D printed tomato and they said that their client wanted the tomato to look so real that 3D printing it was the perfect choice!

Why 3D printing? Their reply was simple – for the quality and speed!
They also complimented us – They loved the quality and the speed of our service!
Kudos to our team!
To have a closer look at this juicy red tomato, visit the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai.