Stereolithography (SLA)

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Stereolithography (SLA) provides accurate concept models, master patterns and investment casting patterns in record time. Along with PolyJet, SLA is among the most accurate and precise rapid prototyping technologies available. Complete finishing capabilities for production-like prototypes ensures that your models and patterns are delivered on time and ready for immediate application.

Because of their accuracy and ability to reproduce fine details, stereolithography models are ideal for use as concept models, form and fit studies and as master patterns for a variety of molding techniques. Options for finishing include color-matched painting, texturing and pad printing to give your model a “production quality” look and feel. SLA models and patterns can be produced in a matter of hours from any popular CAD system.

SLA Standard:

SLA Standard is the fastest and most economical stereolithography process available  and is available for a number of materials and applications. This process is suitable for prototypes and master patterns that need to be built quickly. Typical SLA Standard tolerances are ± .015″ or ± .002″/” (whichever is greater), however tighter tolerances may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Built in 0.007″ layer thicknesses, SLA Standard offers good feature detail and sidewall characteristics, but requires more finishing work than SLA Premium and HDSL to get rid of layer lines. SLA Standard is suitable for parts of any size and offers an unlimited build envelope making large parts. When you pair the largest SLA machine available on the market with our proprietary knowledge of large part assembly you can expect extremely accurate large geometries.

SLA Premium:

SLA Premium is an excellent option for prototypes and master patterns, offering better accuracy and detail than SLA Standard while producing parts faster than HDSL. Typical SLA Premium tolerances are ± .015″ or ± .0015″/” (whichever is greater), however tighter tolerances may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Built in 0.005″ layer thicknesses, SLA Premium produces parts with excellent features and requires less finishing work that SLA Standard process. With an unlimited build envelope, large parts with fine feature detail are readily available. Choose from a wide variety of SLA materials including clear Accura 60.


HDSL (High-Definition Stereolithography) offers the best accuracy available in SLA. This technology uses SC 5500 material to produce high-quality prototypes and master patterns that do not require extensive hand finishing. Typical HDSL tolerances are .010″ or ± .001″/” (whichever is greater), however tighter tolerances may be available on a case-by-case basis.

With a layer thickness of 0.004″ to 0.006″, HDSL’s thin layers combined with the highly accurate SC 5500 material enable the production of fine feature details with more precision than both SLA Standard and SLA Premium. Thinner layer thickness also equates to a better raw surface finish and better reproduction of slow sloping surfaces. While PolyJet HD offers the absolute best available detail and edge visualization in photocurables, it is recommended for small parts and prototypes. HDSL is ideal for parts and prototypes that are slightly larger in size but still require exceptional detail.