QuickCast ®

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QuickCast® Investment Casting Patterns are accurate, consistent, strong, fully drained and completely sealed patterns that are 10 to 35% lighter than those built with other polymers and ordinary build styles.


Lower Cost The material is more stable, reducing the over-all cost of operation. Patterns made demonstrate higher yield both in SLA part building and more importantly during flash firing. Aggressive pricing to encourage higher volumes; often demonstrating that a tooling/wax approach is more expensive and a higher risk.
Lighter Weight patterns are sought after by knowledgeable foundries. These QuickCast® patterns are up to 35% lighter than conventional stereolithography patterns. This translates directly to higher yield in the casting process. Proportionately less ash is produced and thermal expansion forces are minimized during flash firing.
New Build Style material make these patterns truly unique. This build style and photopolymer combination has already been approved by most major US foundries. This proprietary build style offers complete internal draining and excellent final surface sealing.
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