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Parts built with this technology are significantly lighter (about 1/12th the weight) and build faster than solid parts. ID-Light has received excellent acceptance for large lightweight parts and models for office products, furniture, entertainment models, consumer products, art and architecture.

This light-weight product is available with both SLA and FDM and produces rigid and accurate geometries. ID-Light parts are created with a proprietary laser scanning pattern such that a thin outer shell encases an inner scaffolding-like matrix. Large part assembly and shipping expertise make even large models possible with this advanced technology. Two-part urethane paint option is also available for increased rigidity and impact strength.

ID-Light FDM:

The newly introduced ID-Light FDM technology is quickly gaining popularity in an array of industries. This technology utilizes the same production thermoplastic materials that set FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) apart, while reducing part weight significantly. Parts produced with this technology are lightweight, strong and accurate. When compared to solid FDM, ID-Light FDM parts build faster and can be up to 1/12th the weight of their solid counterparts.

ID-Light FDM creates parts with a thin outer shell encasing an inner scaffolding-like structure. The thickness of the outer shell can be adjusted to fit the needs of the application at hand. This technology is excellent for strong, lightweight models and parts. ID-Light FDM parts are also available for large cosmetic applications.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Builds faster and costs less than solid FDM parts
  • Lighter weight than solid FDM models
  • Stronger than ID-Light/SLA models
  • More difficult to finish than ID-Light/SLA models

ID-Light SLA:

As the original technology in the ID-Light™ family, ID-Light SLA has become widely embraced as a quick way to create lightweight appearance models. This technology utilizes a proprietary build pattern such that a hard outer shell (about 0.030 to 0.040″) encompasses a drainable scaffolding-like inner structure. The combination of these two elements makes for extremely lightweight models with a surface that lends itself for pristine cosmetic finish. ID-Light SLA parts build faster and can be up to 1/12th the weight of SLA (Stereolithography) models. This technology also utilizes a custom formulated SC1000 photopolymer that allows for rigid and accurate geometries.

ID-Light SLA models are ideal for non-structural appearance models. This technology has found success in creating large custom trade-show/marketing figures, large detailed entertainment props, promotional figures, art instillations and architectural models.

Entertainment industry professionals said that they would need to “move heaven and earth” to fabricate 6’4″ ZoomR (pictured below) in four weeks.


  • Non-structural presentation models
  • Large custom trade-show/marketing figures
  • Entertainment: large detailed movie props, promotional figures
  • Art & Architectural models
  • Helmet mock ups

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Builds faster and costs less than solid SLA models
  • Lighter weight than solid SLA models
  • Lighter weight & better paint surface than CNC 10 lbs & 20 lbs foam
  • Cosmetic, non-cosmetic & two-part urethane paint options available
  • Not intended for structural applications (will break with impact or heavy load)


  • ID-1