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With CNC milling service, machine virtually any engineering material, including foam and tooling board, plastics, and metals. The 5-axis CNC capabilities allow for extremely fast turnaround and works via a blade that cuts on X, Y, Z, as well as A and B-axes. 5-axis CNC machining allows to machine complicated designs with tough to reach angles. Also, CNC Lathe which functions as the ideal machine for executing round parts such as threaded shafts, bolts, nozzles, engine components, and rollers. CNC Lathe builds on a single axis, spinning while a tool cuts down the metal to the required size.

Whether you need a highly accurate machined prototype for a functional test, a large prototype for a customer presentation, or a short-run of finished pats, you can get the job done.

CNC Applications:

CNC Master Patterns:

The best possible castings start with the best possible master patterns. While stereolithography (SLA) patterns are often selected when time is critical, CNC master patterns offer increased accuracy and unlimited pattern life.

CNC Parts & Prototypes:

CNC parts and prototypes are ideal for situations where production materials are required. CNC parts can be made from the standard materials or your custom specified material. CNC prototypes are ideal when the part is subjected to demanding functional tests, or the physical size of the parts make other prototyping methods cost prohibitive.

CNC Fixtures & Tools:

CNC Fixtures and Tools to aid in part assembly and quality inspection.


  • Capacity is critical when your project is up against a deadline. Your project can be put  on the right machines with the right expertise to give you a quality product on time.
  • Large Parts Expertise is a cornerstone of  CNC operation. Large part expertise doesn’t just come from having machines with a large cut envelope – it also comes with the expertise to break up complex designs into multiple components to be reassembled into highly accurate master patterns. Large part work includes interior and exterior mock-ups for the automotive industry and fixtures for checking, inspection, assembly, and cubing.
  • Speed - fast turn-around for their CNC prototype parts.
  • Post Processing is a standard part. You won’t be left you with an unfinished part that you have to send out for secondary operations. You will get anodizing, hand polishing, helicoils, tapping, Vapor Polishing, and expert painting capabilities.
  • Quality you can count on from the leading experts in the rapid manufacturing industry. Whether you’re doing CNC work to create master patterns, rugged prototypes, or limited-run production work.