3D Color Printing

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This additive manufacturing technology is the easiest way to quickly turn 3D CAD data into real colored parts. Parts are created with powdered plaster composite material coupled with a four color 3D printing process, allowing for 390,000 possible color combinations. Color is printed directly into the part during the build process, not merely on the surface. This type of color finish eliminates the need for paint during post-processing.

3D Color Printing Applications:

  • Medical Models
  • Architectural Models
  • Figurines
  • Basic Appearance Models
  • Concept Evaluations
  • Student Projects
  • Space Studies

Gallery of 3D Printed Parts



  • J750_Head
  • Heart-model
  • Spleen 3d model
  • color_cmy_helmets
  • color_and_rubber_shoes
  • color_gears_cmy_and_cyt
  • color_transparent_three_glasses