PolyJet Materials – 3D print in hundreds of materials

PolyJet Materials – 3D print in hundreds of materials


  • Digital Materials

    Simulate production plastics for rapid tooling and prototyping

    Create prototypes with a wide range of physical properties, colors and tones. Digital Materials empower you to bring your designs to life with realistic colors and textures faster than ever before. A single model 3D printed on the Stratasys J750 can incorporate over 360,000 colors and an astonishing array of materials in a single build process.

  • J750_Telescope


  • Digital ABS

    Simulate production plastics for rapid tooling and prototyping

    Available on Objet1000 Plus and Connex3 can produce photopolymers that simulate a range of durable production plastics. Digital ABS and Digital ABS2 materials create realistic, precise tools and prototypes that are also tough and heat resistant.

  • digital_abs

  • High Temperature

    3D print models with thermal resistance and dimensional stability

    High Temperature heat-resistant material simulates the thermal performance of standard plastics and is ideal for thermal testing of static parts. The High Temperature PolyJet photopolymer can be combined with Rubber-like material to create a versatile range of materials with adjustable properties.

  • hightemperature_coffeecup

  • Transparent

    3D print clear and tinted prototypes

    With a combination of clarity, dimensional stability and surface smoothness, Transparent PolyJet photopolymer lets you prototype clear and tinted products from eyewear and light covers to medical devices. With Stratasys J750 and Connex3 systems, you can blend clear and color materials for stained-glass-like brilliance.

  • wineglass_transparent

  • Rigid Opaque

    3D print detailed models with vibrant color

    Combining dimensional stability and fine detail, Rigid Opaque materials are a key component in realistic prototypes that look like your end products, and fit-for-purpose tooling that moves you into production faster.

  • blender_side

  • Simulated Polypropylene

    3D print tough, flexible models

    Simulated Polypropylene material is tough, flexible and durable. It enables you to 3D print precision prototypes that look and behave like polypropylene. Rapidly create models to test form, fit and function for snap-fit assemblies, living hinges and durable housings and packaging.

  • lens_cap_hand_camera

  • Rubber-like

    3D print flexible,soft-touch models

    With Rubber-like PolyJet photopolymers, you can simulate rubber with different levels of hardness, elongation and tear resistance. Gray, black, white and translucent, Rubber-like material enables you to simulate a very wide variety of finished products, from soft-grip handles to footwear. With Stratasys J750 and Connex3 systems, you can add color to the mix for exceptional final-product realism.

  • rubber_like

  • Bio-compatible

    3D print medical devices

    With the Bio-compatible material, you can rapidly prototype medical and dental products including dental delivery trays and surgical orthopedic guides. The medical rapid prototyping materials offer excellent visualization and great dimensional stability.

  • bio_compatible_model

  • Dental Material

    3D print dental and orthodontic models

    PolyJet Dental Materials are designed especially for digital dentistry and orthodontic applications, including stone models and aligners. These rigid, opaque materials have a natural-looking peach color and combine accurate detail visualization with high dimensional stability.

  • dental_3D_prints

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