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3D printing is a quick and easy way to get accurate and realistic 3D mock-up models of oil and gas plant.

Do you need 3D visualization of oil and gas plant for health and safety training, or communicating the plant layout to maintenance teams or contractors for the design to build requirements?

3D printers can build an accurate and lifelike model of an entire plant or sections of the plant, depending on your requirements. Models can be used for many practical applications related to the running of the plant, but also can provide eye-catching exhibition or replica scale models.

Exhibition models built in durable plastic and finished and painted as required, can provide realistic mock-up components for oilfield and gas parts, for exhibitions, instead of transporting the heavy and costly final metal parts. Using 3D printed parts for this purpose means that you save time and money on producing real parts so that deadlines of introducing new products in exhibitions can be more easily managed and the mock-up parts can get customer approvals before heading for the final production parts.

For oil and gas parts, 3D printing can be used as the master models for sand casting in order to produce rapid metal parts and metal parts on-demand.

3D printing can be used in the oil and gas industry, when down-time is critical, to quickly create master models for sand casting of metal parts, this can save time and costs involved in ordering special parts and reduces the need for keeping a heavy inventory.

Functional prototypes to test form, fit and function of oilfield/gas parts and equipment

Paradigm 3D can create functional prototypes from your 3D CAD design data. If you need to perform robust testing of equipment, parts and components prior to proceeding to final production, 3D printed parts with FDM technology allow for realistic product assembly, and testing with strong, heat, chemical and pressure resistant parts, giving a final check as to the suitability of parts and their performance in the assembly.

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