3D Printed Medical Models Dubai,UAE

Unique low volume and customized 3D printed parts

Medical aids, devices and equipment have a tendency to evolve according to doctors’ and patient needs, and new medical techniques, with consequential high levels of innovation and customization being the norm. In this arena where standard mass produced products are not always the right solution, 3D printing can provide one-off or low volume production.


Surgery planning with accurate 3D models of patient CT anatomic data

For complex surgery and to reduce time in the theatre, doctors are using 3D models that are printed from the patients CT scanned data. 3D printers help surgeons to better understand the complexity of an operation and carefully plan to the smallest detail prior to operations. 3D printed medical models with FDM materials can be sterilized so that they are theatre safe and doctors can take them into surgery.


Innovative medical devices and medical aids – prototypes for innovative medical products – form fit and function testing

3d printers can create prototype parts for form fit and function testing of new medical devices, which can be easily modified, adapted and incorporated in assemblies for testing. 3D printed parts are a quick and relatively cost-effective way to try out new medical products prior to proceeding to mass production. In the case of children requiring medical aids that need to be adapted to their growing bodies, FDM, can frequently provide them with medical aids that can simply be re-printed in whole or for worn parts, and larger aids can be re-designed and adapted to future needs.

Pre-production short-runs, performance tests and patient trials of medical equipment or aids

Low volumes for proof of concept or patient trials can be quickly and accurately produced on FDM 3D printers, assisting in the product development phase and ironing out errors prior to mass production.

  • Heart-model
  • Spleen 3d model
  • 3d_printed_model_medical
  • 3d_printed_hand_model
  • 3d_printed_foot_model
  • Arteries-Layered-HighRes
  • bone
  • Foot-Bones
  • MedicalTool-Layered-HighRes
  • Skull