Media & Entertainment

Parts and components

3D printed models for creation of prototypes and animations

Multi-media companies are using 3D printed models to evaluate figures to be used in animations and cartoons. With a 3D physical visualization of a character, it’s much easier to see how well it will translate into animations and final brand deliverables. 3D models can be used for approvals, and modifications can be made before 3D data is finalized for further processing.


Customized stage props, promotional items, fixtures and fittings

Paradigm 3D can provide models in a variety of finishes for realistic mock-ups. With FDM, even larger models can be created for unique promotion purposes, because models can be scaled-up and seamlessly glued together for a highquality result. With an FDM model it’s possible to add additional parts, drill or use attachments without causing damage to the model, making imagination the only limitation.


Customized stunt equipment/prosthetics etc

For innovative new stunt props, 3D printing can provide cost-effective parts or models for one-off use or a small volume production. Human prosthetic parts, items for stage productions and extravaganza can be printed to order. If you need a unique prop for promotional or multimedia productions, Paradigm 3D’s bespoke design to production team can help.

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