Manufacturing tools & Bridge tooling

FDM technology is a really fast way to create manufacturing and bridge tooling. If you need short runs or pre-production, why not make a mold or tool that can produce a few hundred to a couple of thousand parts? …. then if you need more simply print another tool. As FDM 3D printers can create parts by building layer upon layer of material, with automatically added soluble support where necessary, non-standard and customized jigs and fixtures can be printed on demand. This saves months on ordering customized jigs and new and innovative designs can be quickly created to order. With tough 3D printed models there are new ways to create thermoforming, vacuum forming and blow molding tools directly from CAD data. When huge quantities of molded products are not required, 3D printed molds can cope with a few hundred to thousands. The technology is even able to create bridge tooling for injection molding parts. Ask Paradigm 3D’s consultant to inform you of how you can order 3D printed molds for your needs.

Customized jigs and fixtures, bridge tooling for injection molding, thermoforming and vacuum forming tools, sheet metal forming tools for aluminum, and composite tooling.