Leasing facility on Industrial 3D Printers & 3D Scanners in UAE

Leasing is a simple, cost effective way for businesses of all sizes to invest in critical assets

Lease_and_ gainWith ‘Lease & Gain’ you can now easily get your hands on industrial grade 3D scanners and 3D printers through a simple and convenient leasing agreement.
You can get the latest new product development technologies right away to start bringing better products to market faster! The company is offering leasing facilities to *customers, (presently restricted to UAE), who want to:

  1. Use 3D scanners for reverse engineering or quality control
  2. Use 3D printers for concept design, rapid prototyping – test form, fit and function prior to going to manufacturing, product mock-ups, manufacturing or bridge tooling, and even to print injection molds for short runs or mold verification.

To designers, engineers and product managers, rapid prototyping systems are invaluable. If you are trying to justify the cost of purchasing a 3D Printing System, Download following whitepaper titled “How to justify the cost of rapid prototyping. It discusses how to justify costs to decision makers in your company.

Our team of experts can work with your business to develop a solution that meets your specific needs.

Our solutions can help you to:

  • avoid technology redundancy;
  • improve cash flow;
  • protect against inflation via fixed payments for the term of the contract;
  • overcome budget and capital expenditure issues; and
  • ensure you have the equipment flexibility you need.

The available packages start from 5,000 AED per month for up to 3 years*

Contact our team today to find a finance solution that’s right for you.

*Terms & conditions apply