Functional Prototypes

With  FDM technology, you can create fully functional prototypes to test form, fit and function of your designs and new products with realistic testing. 3D parts can be printed, assembled and integrated with other working parts and equipment – (such as electric motors, controls, and moving parts and gearsetc). 3D printing provides unprecedented speed from design to prototype testing, because parts can be built in hours by the 3D printer from 3D CAD design data.

 Parts can be easily be used in conjunction with metal parts and FDM printers produce parts that can be drilled, assembled, glued etc , if required giving additional flexibility for prototype testing.In addition to functioning like the final product, prototypes can be finished to resemble the real product, so not only are you sure of manufacturability but customers and sales or marketing can give their input before proceeding to the expensive tooling and manufacturing stage.