FDM Materials

FDM Thermoplastics – 3D print durable parts in production-grade materials


  • ABSplus

    Standard prototyping plastic with durability – ABSplus offers a wide range of colors including ivory, white, black, dark gray, red, blue, olive green, nectarine and fluorescent yellow – plus the option for custom colors.

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  • ABS-M30

    Stronger than standard ABS with a variety of color options – Engineered for 3D printing with FDM Technology, ABS-M30 is ideal for concept models and moderate-requirement parts including functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures, manufacturing tooling and production parts. Colors include natural, white, black, dark gray, red and blue – plus the option for custom colors.

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  • ABS-ESD7

    Strong thermoplastic with static dissipative properties – For applications where a static charge could damage components, impair performance, or cause an explosion, FDM Technology offers ABS-ESD7 static-dissipative thermoplastic.

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  • ABSi

    Superior strength; Translucent – 3D print see-through parts when light transmission or flow monitoring are important. Create concept models and functional prototypes that mimic the final product, without outsourcing. ABSi lets designers and engineers expand use of their Stratasys 3D Production Systems beyond tough opaque parts. This material is especially useful in automotive, aerospace and medical-device manufacturing.

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  • ABS-M30i

    Bio-compatible (ISO 10993; USP Class VI) Gamma & EtO sterilizable for medical – ABS-M30i is a biocompatible 3D printing material that lets medical, pharmaceutical and food-packaging engineers and designers produce surgical planning models, tools and fixtures in-house, directly from CAD data.

  • Download ABS-M30i Datasheet



  • ASA

    Build consistently high-quality parts, with exceptional UV stability and the best aesthetics of any FDM thermoplastic – Mechanical strength and UV stability make ASA a great choice for functional prototyping. Ease of use makes it a top pick for iterative design. Outstanding aesthetics and ten fade-resistant colors make it an all-around favorite, even for end-use parts.

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  • PC

    Accurate, durable, strong, RF transparent – Rapid tooling, built to endure. By building parts in polycarbonate (PC), FDM Technology lets engineers and designers marry the speed and agility of 3D printing with the reliability of the most widely used industrial thermoplastic.

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  • PC-ABS

    Superior strength, heat resistance – This material offers the best features of two great FDM thermoplastics: the strength and heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS. PC-ABS also exhibits excellent feature definition and surface finish.

  • Download PC-ABS Datasheet



  • PC-ISO

    (ISO 10993; USP Class VI) Gamma & EtO sterilizable for medical – PC-ISO is a strong, heat-resistant engineering plastic commonly used in food and drug packaging and medical device manufacturing. It is biocompatible, gamma and EtO sterilizable and complies with ISO 10993 and USP Class VI.

  • Download PC-ISO Datasheet



  • PPSF (aka PPSU)

    Great heat and chemical resistance – Performance, tested under fire. For 3D printed parts that can withstand punishing heat and exposure to chemicals, FDM Technology works with PPSF/PPSU high-performance thermoplastic. Produce under-the-hood automotive prototypes, sterilizable medical devices, and tooling for demanding applications in-house with PPSF/PPSU material and FDM 3D printing.

  • Download PPSF Datasheet



  • ULTEM 1010

    Excellent strength, thermal stability, ability to withstand steam autoclaving, NSF-51 food contact & Bio-compatible ISO 10993/USP Class VI certifications – ULTEM 1010’s outstanding strength and thermal stability make it ideal for advanced tooling and prototyping applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical and food-production industries. Its food-contact and biocompatibility certifications expand the use of additive manufacturing into applications like custom food-production tools and autoclave-sterilizable medical devices.

  • Download ULTEM 1010 Datasheet



  • Certified ULTEM 9085

    Certified ULTEM 9085 adds onto the high performance of the ULTEM material with the ability to meet the extensive, more stringent test criteria and material traceability required by aerospace industries and regulatory agencies.

  • Download Certified ULTEM 9085 Datasheet



  • Nylon 6

    FDM Nylon 6 combines the strength and toughness of Nylon 6 with the dependability and durability of FDM technology for additive manufactured tools, prototypes and production parts.

  • Download Nylon 6 Datasheet

    Nylon 6 fixture_495x286


  • Nylon 12

    High elongation at break – FDM Nylon 12 is the same tough nylon material popular in traditional manufacturing for its superb price-performance.You can create advanced prototypes and custom tooling for applications that demand high fatigue resistance with clean, hassle-free FDM Technology.

  • Download Nylon 12 Datasheet



  • Nylon 12CF

    F3D printing with carbon fiber material lets you build strong, stiff, lightweight tools and parts. FDM Nylon 12CF combine nylon 12 and carbon fibers to achieve the highest flexural strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio of any of our FDM materials.

  • Download Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber (CF) Datasheet



  • ST-130

    Create hollow composites faster and easier with temporary lay-up tools made from ST-130 material. ST-130 withstands autoclave operations and simplifies hollow composite construction by dissolving after cure, leaving only the finished part.

  • Download ST-130 Datasheet

    ST130 value prop_495x286


  • Antero 800NA

    Antero 800NA PEKK-based thermoplastic combines FDM’s design freedom and ease of use with the excellent mechanical properties and low outgassing characteristics of PEKK material.

  • Download Antero 800NA Datasheet



  • PLA

    PLA, a thermoplastic made from renewable resources, produces quick, economical design concepts in 11 color options, including transparent. PLA offers fast printing, good tensile strength and a high stiffness ratio, and requires less heat and power to print parts.

  • Download PLA Datasheet

    Value Prop_PLA_rockets2

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