Customized Corporate Gifts

Parts and components

Paradigm 3D bespoke design to production service

When you need a unique or customized gift, 3D printing can be an option to create low volume or exclusive items on time for important deadlines. Whether you have your own design data or would like to use Paradigm 3D’s bespoke design to production service, you can have high quality, durable customized pieces in hours to a few days, delivered to your doorstep.

3D Print unique designs

The vibrant, discerning Middle East market continuously demands innovative and unusual products that push the boundaries of design and manufacturability. However, with 3D printing of corporate gifts, highly creative and unique designs can easily be accommodated; 3D printed and produced on-demand for the local market.


Customized finishing including paint, metal, and even gold plated 3D printed parts

With the ability to print almost any 3D design, no matter how complex the geometry, there are very few limits to production using 3D printers, letting you create exceptional products and finish them in in a variety of ways depending on the requirements. Paradigm 3D can offer parts that are painted, metal plated or even gold-plated if required

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