Concept Model/ Marketing Mockup Model

With FDM 3D printers, (or 3D production systems), you get accurate, realistic 3D printed models. If you need a fast concept model, Paradigm 3D can provide a quick turnaround service, based on your 3D CAD stl file. Its simple to get a 3D concept model for sharing with your customers or internally, and if you need any special finishing, just contact Paradigm 3D consultants with your requirements. High quality, durable marketing models or exhibition models can be quickly produced with 3D printing, helping you to reach deadlines and have suitable examples to show your customers, without the time, trouble and expense of producing them with traditional molds ormanufacturing tools. This takes much of the risk and cost out of producing different design iterations, helping you to win projects and perfect your ideas in a physical 3D model.