Low Volume or Customized Production


3D printing provides a fast efficient and cost-effective way of producing low volumes of end-use parts directly from 3D CAD design data, without the need for expensive metal tooling. By avoiding the need for tooling or a factory production line, it’s possible to get a quantity of one up to a few thousand parts in […]

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 Concept Model/ Marketing Mockup Model


With FDM technology, you can create fully functional prototypes to test form, fit and function of your designs and new products with realistic testing. 3D parts can be printed, assembled and integrated with other working parts and equipment – (such as electric motors, controls, and moving parts and gears etc). 3D printing provides unprecedented speed […]

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 Functional Prototypes


With FDM 3D printers, (or 3D production systems), you get accurate, realistic 3D printed models. If you need a fast concept model, Paradigm 3D can provide a quick turnaround service, based on your 3D CAD stl file. Its simple to get a 3D concept model for sharing with your customers or internally, and if you […]

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 Manufacturing tools & Bridge tooling


FDM technology is a really fast way to create manufacturing and bridge tooling. If you need short runs or pre-production, why not make a mold or tool that can produce a few hundred to a couple of thousand parts? …. then if you need more simply print another tool. As FDM 3D printers can create […]

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