Parts and components

Customizations, Retrofits, unique interiors, and low volumeparts for luxury vehicles

3D printed parts are an ideal solution for customization of vehicles for specialized use, personal preferences and for luxury vehicles that are only produced in a limited production run, so large numbers of mass produced parts are not required. Using 3D printers to create automotive parts, interiors and accessories is a cost-effective means of production avoiding the expense and time needed for tooling. Parts can easily be printed without requiring a factory production line, meaning limitless customization is possible. Vehicles that need to be adapted for special needs and emergency response can be retrofitted with new 3D printed panels, parts and equipment quickly and on-demand based on requirements.

With a number of strong and lightweight materials to choose from, 3D printed automotive parts are a realistic option to traditional manufacturing and are being used extensively in the automotive sector. Parts can be designed and manufactured in more efficient and innovative ways, avoiding many unnecessary assembly processes that 3D printed parts no longer require due to the possibility of being able to print part geometry in one piece. Luxury vehicle manufacturers are slowly replacing some metal parts with 3D printed high performance thermoplastic parts, to reduce time to market and create parts that can provide electrical insulation and other properties not available from metal.

  • Automotive Painted dashboard
  • Objet Automotive Ventilation Prototype in High Temperature Material
  • BMWFixture-Layered-HighRes
  • AutoTailight-Layered-HighRes (2)
  • BMWFixtureInUse-Layered-HighRes
  • Axle-HighRes
  • The Urbee 2
  • BMW3_200
  • The Urbee

Suppliers of automotive parts

Perform design verification, and form fit and function testing of automotive parts with 3D functional prototypes.

Replicas and scale models

Using 3D CAD data 3D scale models can be directly and accurately produced for new concept cars without the need for hand-worked models.

Restoration – obsolete parts& components

For vintage car restorations 3D printing can offer the best option to replace parts, panels or other accessories and equipment that has long been obsolete. 3D printing provides a fast and accurate means to bring back the past and restore old vehicles to their former glory.

Jigs & fixtures, composite tooling & manufacturing guides

3D printing can create customized on demand jigs and fixtures for the automotive industry and additionally produce composite tooling and 3d print soluble cores for manufacturing of hollow cylindrical cores and mandrels.