Aircraft & Yacht Interiors

Parts and components

3D printing is a highly suitable production method to create low volume and customized non-critical parts for the luxury personal aircraft and yacht market. There are endless 3D printing applications that can be used for custom new builds or retrofits or for spare parts and obsolete products.

3D printed interior parts

For low volumes, 3D printed interior parts will be a cost-effective means of production because FDM technology uses production grade thermoplastics suitable for end-use parts. 3D printed FDM parts can provide a better alternative than metal parts for use in non-critical marine and aircraft part manufacturing, and are both lightweight and tolerant of environmental conditions.

3D print spare or replacement parts

When spare replacement parts are required of older or obsolete products, 3D printing can be the only economic option. Parts produced with FDM technology are durable and can drilled, finished and fitted according to requirements and provide an alternative to traditional manufacturing methods

3D printing for customizations with a wide choice of high performance materials

Using 3D printed parts, it’s easy to incorporate customizations according to specific needs which can create exclusive features for interiors and fixtures and fittings for private aircraft, and luxury yachts.In order to print parts for interiors, either original 3D design data can be used or when parts are required to replace worn or damaged parts within anexisting interior, the ‘in situ’ surround can be scanned in order to capture the necessary data to produce the perfect fit for spare parts, casings or instrument panels.
Aircraft and yacht interiors can utilize a wide variety of materials, and some such as the Ultem 9085is a high performance thermoplastic already widely used for aircraft interiors and aircraft internal duct work due to its FST rating, existing certifications and excellent weight to strength ratio.

Customized finishing of 3D printed parts

For on-demand 3D printed parts, Paradigm 3D can offer a number of finishing options, so enquire about your needs with the Paradigm 3D bespoke parts team for your specific finishing requirements.

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