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3D Printed Models Aircraft Parts Dubai,UAE

Parts and components:

With 3D printing, light weight and durable parts can be produced in a fraction of the time needed for traditional manufacturing; also the costs related to expensive tooling can be avoided. Sometimes with non-critical parts, metal can be substituted with high performance thermoplastics for lighter weight parts.

Spare parts, restorations and obsolete parts

When equipment is obsolete from the point that it is no longer supported with spare parts by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), 3D printing can provide fast, non-critical parts on demand when the materials are suitable.

Customizations and retrofits to accommodate new equipment or additional accessories

3D printing provides an ideal solution to create new customizations in retrofitting aerospace and defence equipment and parts produced can be machined, drilled and assembled on existing products, creating more flexibility to accommodate any changes required.

Jigs fixtures, composite tooling and manufacturing guides

3D printing can create customized jigs and fixtureson demand and additionally produce composite tooling and to 3D print soluble cores for manufacturing of hollow cylindrical cores and mandrels, which are time consuming and expensive to produce by traditional methods.

  • AEROENGINE-1_200
  • Aerospace Finished-1
  • AirplaneAirVent-Layered-HighRes
  • Turbine LB (2)
  • WingDrillFixture_427