Additive Manufacturing for Jigs & Fixtures

Considerably simplified and cost effective fabrication process can be achieved through Additive manufacturing that enables improvements and faster productivity,  and quality at the prototyping stage as well as in the production phase.

AM helps in:

Complexity – 3D printing manufacturing helps rather than machining or molding allows you to design for optimal performance as additive manufacturing places fewer constraints on tool configuration. The addition of complexity typically does not increase build time or cost as compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Consolidation – Eliminate or reduce assembly by consolidating several parts of the tool. Depending on the functionality and complexity, some multi-component jigs and fixtures can be merged into one contiguous component.

Ergonomics – Redesign your jigs and fixtures to improve handling, ease of use, and worker comfort. Additive manufacturing can produce certain features, such as contours or other organic shapes, with ease and no added cost that increases both safety and comfort of employees.

Weight Reduction – High-strength plastics offer a superior solution to conventional metal-cutting processes. Specialized light-weighting techniques can also be used to produce a strong component without all the heft.

Customization – Easily and cost-effectively produce tools customized for individual users, giving them greater control over their tasks and providing ultimate ergonomic support.

On-Demand Production – Reduce or even eliminate inventory requirements by producing fixtures and jigs as needed. This digital inventory also allows for painless design revisions and updates to ensure your tools are always performing optimally.

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