About Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

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The New Face of Advanced Manufacturing

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is transforming the manufacturing landscape through revolutionary 3D printing and custom manufacturing solutions that allow organizations to innovate rapidly, move to market quickly, and compete in a dynamically changing world.

When Stratasys merged the three leading 3D printing service bureaus into one, they cemented themselves as a powerful technology leader, encouraging designers and engineers to challenge conventional approaches to manufacturing. Additive manufacturing allows for new approaches to design—something their team of engineers has spent a combined five decades perfecting. With the help of their manufacturing capabilities and expertise, their customers are able to produce complex designs, previously impossible via conventional manufacturing methods, which in turn result in more advanced and higher performing products.

As the new face of advanced manufacturing services, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is helping companies in diverse industries create extraordinary new products at every phase of the production process. Stratasys dedicated engineers are experts in their fields, from aerospace and medical to consumer products and entertainment.

Let us bring our industry-leading innovations to your toughest challenges. Don’t worry about being an expert on the technologies and materials yourself. Our engineers will guide the way. To see what we can do, view examples of our work. Contact us today to learn how you can empower your business with 3D printing and advanced manufacturing solutions.


Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is a division of Stratasys, a global leader in 3D printing platforms. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing was formed when three leading additive manufacturing service companies were combined: Solid Concepts Inc., Harvest Technologies, and RedEye. Together, there are nine cutting edge manufacturing facilities scattered throughout the United States. With 700 employees, an impressive arsenal of additive manufacturing equipment, custom formulated materials, and ISO 9001, AS9100, as well as ITAR certifications, there are resources and expertise to provide the solutions designers and engineers need to manufacture their products better, faster, and more affordable.