3D Scanning Services

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Paradigm 3D  offers 3D scanning services. With 3D scanning, a physical part can be scanned and transformed into 3D digital data in the form of an STL file. Individuals looking to replicate objects can now use 3D printing even if they do not have the ability to design in 3D CAD. The applications for this 3D scanning are endless.

 HandySCAN 700:

The HandySCAN 700 offers increased accuracy and resolution. It is the most versatile 3D scanner on the market for inspection and demanding reverse engineering with accuracy up to 0.030 mm (0.0012 in.), Volumetric accuracy* 0.020 mm + 0.060 mm/m (0.0008 in. + 0.0007 in./ft), Volumetric accuracy (with maxshot 3D) 0.020 mm + 0.025 mm/m (0.0008 in. + 0.0003 in./ft) and Resolution 0.050 mm (0.0020 in.).

HandySCAN 3D scanners can be used at all stages of product lifecycle management, including:

  • Concept: Product requirements as well as concept design and prototyping
  • Design: CAD designs, prototyping, and testing, simulation, and analysis
  • Manufacturing: Tooling design, assembly/production, and quality control
  • Servicing: Documentation, MRO, and replacement/recycling

HandySCAN 300:

Looking for the most efficient way to reverse engineer and/or design? The HandySCAN 300 is a reliable tool that will help you get there with accuracy up to 0.040 mm (0.0016 in.), Volumetric accuracy* 0.020 mm + 0.100 mm/m(0.0008 in. + 0.0012 in./ft), Volumetric accuracy (with maxshot 3D)* 0.020 mm + 0.025 mm/m (0.0008 in. + 0.0003 in./ft) and Resolution 0.100 mm (0.0039 in.)

Go!SCAN 20™ :

Thanks to its increased resolution, the Go!SCAN 20 is perfectly suited for scanning small parts with intricate details.

  • Very fast
  • Delivering consistent high-quality 3D models in HD color.

Its underlying technology accelerates the overall experience: no preparation or specific setup needed, large scanning area, fast measurement, and direct mesh output. The resulting 3D models can be integrated to any computer-assisted process like archiving, restoration, analysis or content creation.

Fast 3D Scanning

Typical objects are scanned in 5 minutes or less. Plainly, the quickest you’ll find on the market today.

No rigid setup required

Both the part and the scanner can be moved during scanning.

Scan in color

Visually striking color results, with an incredible level of details.

Accurate and reliable

Accuracy is up to 0.1 mm whatever the environment or work conditions, for scan results you can count on.

Handheld and lightweight

Ergonomic designs, weighing less than 1kg; bring them and use them anywhere, really! Provide easy access to confined areas with no mechanical constraint.

Point and shoot

No need to prepare parts. Just Go!

Flexible and versatile

Scan with or without positioning targets depending on the nature of the part geometry. Scan a wide range of parts in different sizes, materials, and colors.

Creaform Optical CMM 3D Scanner: MetraSCAN 3D

The most flexible portable 3D measurement solution engineered for shop floor conditions

Creaform’s portable optical CMM 3D scanner, the MetraSCAN 3D,  the system addresses reverse engineering and dimensional inspection of production tools, jigs, assemblies, sub-assemblies or final products ranging from 1 to 3.5 m (3.3 to 11.5 ft.) with an accuracy of up to 0.064 mm (0.0025 in.).

Optical metrology provides measurement accuracy that is insensitive to the instabilities of the environment, making the MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM the prime choice for shop-floor quality control metrology. Free of any rigid measurement set up, it maintains the same level of performance regardless of the environment instabilities.
New Features:
  • 1.5X more accurate
  • 12X faster with 7 laser crosses
  • 25% lighter
  • Scan any type of material, even black, multicolored and shiny surfaces
  • Greater volume of 16.6 m3 (586 ft3)
  • Sturdy design for shop-floor hardware reliability
  • Multi-function buttons for easier interaction with the software

Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM): HandyPROBE

Next  The new generation handheld optical coordinate measuring machine (PCMM)

The latest HandyPROBE, the complete HandyPROBE Next system where manufacturers and production managers can use portable measurement technologies to enable considerably greater flexibility and efficiency in performing quality control (QC) operations directly on the production floor. The HandyPROBE Next™ portable CMM provides measurement accuracy that is insensitive to the instabilities of any environment. Free of any rigid measurement setup, the portable CMM outperforms traditional portable CMMs on the shop floor.

The complete HandyPROBE Next system has the unique ability to perform real-time dynamic referencing of its scanning and probing devices as well as on targets of the object that is being inspected. The C-Track optical tracker and wireless probe can be moved at any time during the measurement sequence and generate the same high-quality data. Specifically designed to answer today’s manufacturing quality requirements, the HandyPROBE Next portable optical coordinate measuring machine offers unmatched flexibility and a wider measurement volume than other portable CMMs.

This complete and efficient metrology inspection solution helps manufacturing companies removes out inefficiencies in the manufacturing process and avoid unnecessary expenses.

New Features:

  • 2X more accurate
  • Instant measurement
  • Greater volume of 16.6 m3 (586 ft3)
  • Sturdy design for shop floor hardware reliability
  • Multi-function buttons for easier interaction with the software

Creaform MaxSHOT 3D:

The MaxSHOT 3D optical coordinate measuring system is a complementary product that adds the accuracy and speed of photogrammetry to the wide range of applications already possible with the Creaform technologies, especially when it comes to larger parts.

Our supplier, Creaform is renowned for the portable, reliable and very easy-to-use technologies it designs. In concrete terms, creaform’s system (combining the MaxSHOT 3D photogrammetric video camera + the VXshot processing software) stands out from other systems because it is so easy to use.

Its user-friendly design allows even those new to photogrammetry to quickly and easily generate a high accuracy positioning model of an object based on a series of photos.

The workflow is really simple:

  • Place a few coded targets either on the object to be measured or in its environment.
  • Take several blocks of convergent photos.
  • Launch the bundle adjustment process (image triangulation).

Through this process, the reflectors placed on the object can be easily rebuilt in 3D. The scale bars provided in the measurement volume allow for model scaling. Once the calculations are complete, the Creaform 3D scanner or optical CMM automatically uses the high accuracy positioning model generated to determine its position in the measurement volume.


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