3D Printing with PolyJet Material ‘Rigur’

With Rigur a resin engineered to simulate the mechanical properties of pure polypropylene, PolyJet can produce highly detailed models that are capable of more durable , functional prototyping applications. Rigur is best suited for quick-turn prototypes requiring improved toughness when compared to other photocurable materials. Rigur provides resolution ranging from 0.00118” – 0.00063” layer thicknesses with tolerances ± 0.005” or ± 0.001”/”, whichever is greater, which make it easy to smooth out any inherent layer lines quickly for 2-day turnaround.

Rigur is commonly used for flexible closures, living hinges, multi-use containers and packaging in industries ranging from consumer goods prototyping to automotive prototyping. Rigur is ideal for more high impact use cases than typical PolyJet or Stereolithography materials including durable repeated testing of new prototypes. Rigur is additionally bright white in color, providing a clean look for laboratory device and anatomical model prototyping.

Read more information on PolyJet Material ‘Rigur’  here Rigur_Material_Datasheet

  • White PolyJet Rigur par being held up