3D Printing helps athletes reach new heights

3D printing fascinates us with new applications every day and it’s definitely not new to the sporting industry. From cool 3D printed athletic shoes to safety gears, athletes have been awed by the advantages of additive manufacturing. Olympics 2016 didn’t shy away from 3D printing either. Amy Purdy danced in a 3D printed dress during the Rio 2016 Paralympics Opening Ceremony. And did she do a splendid job or what?! In addition to all that we’ve heard so far about 3D printing in the sports industry, here is a new application from Paradigm 3D.

Paradigm 3D’s customer Altitude Training Mask L.L.C makes altitude 2.1, the altitude training masks used by athletes for simulating the effects of high altitude to enhance performance and improve overall health. They have strived to ensure that their clients get the best output by being innovative and Paradigm 3D has assisted them in achieving their dream. In fact, this is a continuous process that they would like to include as a strategy to give their customers the most benefit.

Together with Paradigm 3D they’ve come up with new resistance valves for the altitude training mask that can be changed to alter the air inflow. Having a local partner in Dubai, UAE helped Altitude Training Mask to cut down costs and time to market.

To know more about how prototyping and low volume manufacturing helped innovate and improve their product – click here and download the detailed case study.