3D printed façade for Dubai’s Museum of Future Government Services!

D2M Solutions’ 3D printing services division Paradigm 3D, employed just-in-time low volume manufacturing to create a unique façade designed by renowned New York city based architecture firm SoftLAB, for the Museum of Future Government Services, Dubai.

With the inauguration of Dubai’s new Museum of Future Government Services rapidly approaching, and with an innovative façade to create in time for the official opening ceremony, the project contractors, Projex turned to Paradigm 3D to provide low volume manufacturing of customized fittings that were required for the facade within the Museum.

Projex had been working on the challenging project under the direction of Dr. Noah Raford, Advisor to the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, in order to create a suitable interior to show off the Museum’s state-of-the-art exhibits. The façade needed a total of 144 parts of which there were five differently designed parts. Traditional manufacturing was ruled out as being too cost and time consuming, because each design would need a minimum of 4 weeks to create the tooling, and the costs with traditional tooling would be huge.

Projex’ Senior Project Manager, Toby Durrant, approached Paradigm 3D to solve the problems related to the requirements of a relatively small production and the custom manufacture of special fittings. Using latest technology for the Museum façade fitted nicely with the forward looking theme of the Museum. Projex found that flexible 3D printing was the ideal way to go for low volume manufacturing because unlike traditional manufacturing no tooling was required, significantly cutting the respective time and cost.

Projex provided the 3D design data for Paradigm 3D to verify for the 3D printing process. With its bespoke in-house experts, Paradigm 3D was able to propose small design changes in order for the fixtures to assemble correctly. The company also printed-off a couple of samples that Projex could evaluate before going ahead with the main print job – a process that would be impossible with traditional manufacturing means.

Paradigm 3D’s in house 3D printers were working around the clock to ensure that the façade would be built in time for the Museum opening its doors and the parts were printed and delivered within one week. The stunning photos of the interior of the museum demonstrate how 3D printing can be used for low volume manufacturing for custom parts.

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  • Low volume manufacturing with Stratasys 3D printers
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