3D Printed Art

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3D Printed Art with Michael Winstone

3D Printed Art in crystal clarity and vibrant colors with Connex 3D Printer and with strong 3D Printing Materials- by Paradigm 3D-Dubai, UAE at 3D Printshow Dubai.

An artist experienced in the digital domain, whose 3D printed sculptures were displayed at the 3D Printshow, held in conjunction with the Dubai Airshow – 2015. 3D Printed Art is catching the attention of Art lovers worldwide! Michael captures very intricately the nuances of nature and beauty in his digital designs which are printed in-house at D2M Solutions‘ services division, Paradigm3D. 3D Printed Art provides the artists with immense freedom to alleviate creativity in achieving freeform shapes and even textures to create 3D physical art in ways that were previously impossible.


  • large-tree